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QWhat do I need to qualify?
AYou will need to provide us with your detailed information, including your contact information, income information, bank account information and a reference. You need to show a reliable source of income. Your information will be verified and must match what we find.
QDo I need a good credit score to apply?
ANo, your credit score will NOT be used for accepting your application. We verify your information and your ability to repay against national, state and local data, including banks, employers, etc... This means that all credit scores can qualify.
QIs it secure to use your website and enter my personal information?
AOur website is certified secure. The confidentiality of your information is our priority. Check our Security section for more details.
QWhy can't I pass the last validation step during the application?
AThis step has a few questions at the end of the page, for which you need to re-enter the exact same information that you entered on the previous steps, like your email or your social security number. This helps to verify that there was no mistake in your previous answers. If you are sure of the information on the validation step, then you need to edit the information you previously entered by either pressing the "Previous" button, or pressing "Modify".
QWhat happens after I apply? How do I know that I was accepted?
AWhile you're still on our website, you will see a "Pending" status until our decision is made within a few minutes. You will then see live if your application has been accepted or denied. You will also receive an email confirming in writing our decision. If accepted, you will be invited to create an account online in order to complete the process and sign a contract.
QWhen do I get my money?
AThe next business day after you place your order and sign your contract (for orders placed before 6pm PT / 7pm MT / 8pm CT / 9pm ET).
QHow are my fees calculated? What are my total fees?
AWe charge a daily finance fee that depends on the amount you want to borrow. We then multiply the daily fee by the number of days that you keep the money. We charge an additional fee if your payment fails on the due date.
QWhat if I can't repay on time? What if I need more time?
ADepending on the state you live in, you may have the ability, in your account online, to change the payment date. If you cannot change the payment date online, you need to contact us immediately. Before to apply, you need to make sure that you can repay on time.



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